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Delivery time

Delivery takes from 2 days to 3 working weeks within Europe and till 4-5 working weeks to rest of  the world.

Let us know in case you are not receiving your items within this days please.

 There is no tracking number if you did NOT choose it  while purchasing.

You are geting  automatically  a tracking number  if you add this option during the payment checkout.


Salve La consegna in Italia impiega da 2 giorni a 2 settimana lavorative. 

Il codice di tracciabilitá é fornito SOLO SE AVETE SCELTO QUESTA OPZIONE. 

Reseller info

Contact us to become a TB Reseller  

Info about our decals.

TB decals uses the best press machines available on the market to produce detailed and colorful quality decals.

All  decals are PRECUTTED, means that you don'thave to cut them  before soaking in water.

Our decals can be used with all decal softener on the market and you can use all kind of  clear painting to cover them after applied.

How to apply Decals 

To apply Waterslidecals follow as below: 


1 Cut and  Deep decal in water without mixing with other solucions. 

2 After more less 10/30 seconds remove  from water the whole decal paper. 

 ( NEVER remove decal from the base  paper before applying on the model.) 

3 Add water on the model,it helps to move the decal for positioning to the desired place. 

4 Move the Decal paper close  the model and slide the logo on it. 

    if Decal is with film around remove it first.

5 dry gently it with a napkin. 

6 in case of irregular surfaces you can add Decals softeners after 60 minutes . 

TB produces 2 types of decals.

Watch the video below.

For any other question contact us

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